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Your Explosion Protection Partner

Expert explosion protection

Danger of Explosion Do you work with chemical substances? Do you work with inflammable and burnable substances? Do you work with explosive substances? Do you develop or produce devices and installations that will be operated near explosive substances?

We support you with the selection, assessment and examination of installations that are applied in potentially explosive areas.

Our Experience in explosion protection is your advantage

Our engineers employ years of thorough work experience in the field of explosion protection to provide you with the best support available in most diverse situations.

Electrical Installations

Electrical installations situated in explosion endangered areas, whose parts have already been individually tested and certified, have to follow the Austrian regulation ÖVE-Ex65 with its amendments.

This is a regulation that has been implemented according to the electrical decree (Elektrotechnikverordnung ETV 2002) and therefore binding.

Overview of explosion protection services

  • selection of the right installations
  • development of installations
  • modification of certified devices
  • all kinds of technical tests and examinations
  • issue of conformity certificates (recognized Europe-wide)
  • issue of Austrian certificates for special cases
  • training and further education

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