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Aerial Tramway Technology


Always Near by You. For Aerial Tramway Planning Offices, Installation Companies and Operators.

Aerial tramways provide millions of winter and summer tourists with the perfect way to enjoy the mountain world. TÜV AUSTRIA Seilbahntechnik ensures that ascents and descents are safe for guests all round – and thus also for planning offices, installation companies and operators of aerial tramway systems. From aerial tramway cabins to operation of the system. From transport concepts to urban aerial tramway solutions. From IT security to secure shop solutions. From snow-making systems to playgrounds and much more.

With locations in Upper Austria, Salzburg, Tyrol and Vorarlberg, TÜV AUSTRIA Seilbahntechnik is always near by you. We have one goal – to support our customers and partners with a wide range of connected solutions in the best possible way. With a range of connected solutions, including consulting and conceptual services, as only TÜV AUSTRIA Group offers.

Our Core Competencies in the Field of Aerial Tramway Technology

Periodic Inspections
The Austrian Aerial Tramway Inspection Regulation of 2013 calls for inspections at five-year intervals. It applies to public and non-public aerial tramways, i.e., also to all drag lifts and materials cableways with company transport or limited public transport.

Certification of Safety Components and Subsystems

Regulation 2016/424/EU on tramway installations requires certification for subsystems and safety components before tramway installations are placed on the market. As an accredited testing, monitoring and certification body, TÜV AUSTRIA is the ideal partner for your product and system certification.

  • Cables and cable connections
  • Drives and brakes
  • Mechanical and electrotechnical equipment
  • Safety for recreational facilities
  • Safety components

A TÜV AUSTRIA certificate provides a basis for safe operation of an aerial tramway!

More Inside with Our Range of Connected Solutions

TÜV AUSTRIA Seilbahntechnik is much more than your competent partner for statutory testing and inspection obligations. With our connected solutions, we provide all-round safety in the planning of installations, during operation, for conversions, in terms of profitability considerations and environmental compatibility, all the way to calculations of remaining service life.

Materials Technology

  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Magnetic-inductive testing and inspection of suspension, conveyor and traction cables
  • Preparation of basic diagrams and/or initial tests
  • Cable condition analysis
  • Examination and documentation of cable damage
  • Splice checks
  • Inspection by endoscopy
  • Visual examination
  • Force measurements: rail tong brakes, carrying cable brakes & door-closing devices
  • Calculations of remaining service life

Electrical Engineering

  • Measurements of high- and low-voltage systems according to ÖVE/ÖNORM EN 50110-1
  • Testing and inspection of additional aerial tramway buildings such as offices, restaurants, shops and ticket office buildings.

Fire Safety

  • Safety analyses for new buildings and conversions
  • Opinions on fire-safety issues within the scope of our services as non-official authorized experts
  • Fire prevention and inspection of fire-fighting equipment for existing installations
  • Instruction/training of staff (in fire prevention, first aid and advanced fire-fighting, for example)
  • Periodic fire safety inspections in accordance with the Austrian Cableway Act SeilbG 2003, § 51, para. 1


  • Testing and inspection of elevators and escalators
  • Testing and inspection of doors, gates and cranes
  • Gas- , pressure- and firing-system technologies

Basic and Further Training

  • Basic training as a safety expert and occupational safety officer
  • Basic training as a fire protection officer / fire prevention officer
  • Giving special-purpose, aerial tramway-related instructions, such as use of PPE in accordance with PPE regulations, rescue and recovery attaching loads, etc.).
  • Instruction/training of staff in all areas of occupational safety and health, such as consulting with regard to liability issues in the sphere of occupational safety and health

It goes without saying that we also offer all basic and further training courses on site.

Reports and Expert Assessments
As an accredited inspection body for the aerial tramway sector, TÜV AUSTRIA is authorized to prepare technical reports, analyses and expert assessments with regard to aerial-tramway and electrotechnical aspects in the context of new construction, conversions and extension work on aerial tramway installations.

  • Safety analyses for aerial-tramway and electrical engineering, structural engineering, fire control and protection and occupational safety and health
  • § 20 building completion reports on building projects without permits
  • Safety reports
  • Expert assessments and inspections as “non-official authorized experts” within the scope of acceptance inspections of aerial tramway installations
  • Evaluation of snow-making systems
  • Water law
  • Drinking water quality

Safety for Recreational Facilities

  • Testing and inspection of fixed-rope routes
  • Testing and inspection of artificial climbing walls
  • Testing and inspection of high-ropes courses
  • Testing and inspection of playgrounds

Insurance & Damage Events

  • Support for aerial tramway operators and public authorities in accident investigations
  • Development and monitoring of renovation measures
  • Loss adjusting

Consulting & Conceptual Services

  • Construction technology (evaluation of installations), purchase, construction, renovation, cost calculation for demolition
  • Assistance in developing urban aerial tramway concepts
  • Concepts for traffic and parking space
  • Support in negotiations with public authorities (public authority coaching)
  • Assistance in drafting/revising service regulations and conditions of transport.
  • Rescue and recovery plans
  • Austrian Gewerbeordnung [Trade Regulation Act]
  • Environmental protection

At TÜV AUSTRIA, there is always “more inside” for our customers and partners.
Simply see for yourself!

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