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Flying Inspection Platform (Inspection Octocopter)

Flying Inspection Platform (Inspection Octocopter)

Birds-eye-view images, inspection of exposed areas

Images from the air taken by our innovative flying machines, the so-called octocopters, reveal completely new perspectives for multiple applications. The “flying inspection platform” (FIP) from TÜV AUSTRIA provides you with professional photo and video productions (visible light and infrared light) at affordable prices for the inspection of photovoltaic systems and wind farms, of construction defects (towers, chimneys, electricity pylons), roof and façade checks, etc.

Possible uses

If you need videos or photos from normally impossible lines of sight or angles, if you need detailed views from a position that cannot be reached by usual means or climbing aids, or if you need views over water or in the mountains, we are able to meet these requirements with our flying machines.

Assessments can be made by direct transmission of live images or using the high-quality stored data (infrared and HD video).

Our octocopter is particularly attractive as a cost-effective alternative to manned helicopter or inspection operations in exposed areas.

Performing operations

Operations are usually carried out by two trained and authorised employees/pilots. One of them is responsible for flight control as such, the other employee supervises the camera control via the second ground station.

All operations are planned in detail in advance and are performed in accordance with all requirements of the Austrian Aviation Act. The Supreme Civil Aviation Authority is notified if required, depending on the operation site.

Aeronautics and safety

We use an octocopter for our flights. The flying machine is equipped with all necessary flight assistance systems according to the state of the art. Moreover, it is weight-optimised to enable maximum flight duration.

The flying machine license and the pilots’ authorisation by the competent national aviation authority (AustroControl) guarantee safe operation even over built-up and inhabited areas.

The top priority during our operations is always the safety of both humans and the material. This means that we may have to postpone a flight if unfavourable weather conditions set in.

Can be used for:

  • Photovoltaic systems: e.g. error detection and assessment of defects on PV modules
  • Wind farms: e.g. visual checks of the rotor blades
  • Towers, chimneys, electricity pylons: e.g. visual checks for construction defects
  • Roof and façade checks: e.g. visual inspection of damaged cornices
  • Nature shots: photos/videos in the mountains or over water
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