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TÜV AUSTRIA again supports the technical school project in Nanoro, Burkina Faso

  •   02/12/2021
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Bethel High School in Nanoro receives 15,000 euros in donations from TÜV AUSTRIA Group.

A fundraiser at the 2019 TÜV AUSTRIA Christmas celebrations marked the first time the group of companies supported the dedicated Burkina Faso school project, donating a total of 10,000 euros to Bethel High School.
Corona may have prevented corporate Christmas festivities in the TÜV AUSTRIA Group in 2020, yet the willingness to support the African technical school showed no sign of subsiding. On the contrary, TÜV AUSTRIA employees overwhelmingly supported the Nanoro project, with many opting to forgo a 50 euro shopping voucher in favour of a donation: 8,150 euros were collected in December. TÜV AUSTRIA has now generously rounded up this sum to 15,000 euros.
TÜV AUSTRIA Group provides young people with career prospects to raise awareness of the importance of a solid school education in society.
Bethel High School is scheduled to finally open its doors to 300 students this year. The project initiators are the mayor of Nanoro, Jaques Konkobo, a graduate of the Higher Technical College in Mödling, Lower Austria, and the Viennese architect Peter Klein.

Project initiator and mayor of Nanoro, Jacques Konkobo, visited TÜV AUSTRIA at the beginning of 2020 to thank the Board of Management and all employees of the group for their great support. (c) TÜV AUSTRIA/Andreas Amsüss

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