Solution: Exposure assessment

Solution: Exposure assessment

Exposure assessment - communications engineering, EMC

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"Accredited to perform exposure situations (broadcasting, DVB-T, BOS radio, mobile 3G/4G/5G...), assessment development & usage possibilities."

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Exposure assessments in low-frequency, electric/magnetic and high-frequency electromagnetic fields

Due to the increasing number of communication networks and ever new technologies and the necessary infrastructure, exposure assessment is becoming more and more important for the general population but also at the workplace.

TÜV AUSTRIA is accredited for the relevant exposure assessment procedures.

As a neutral and independent body, TÜV AUSTRIA carries out exposure assessments for the various technologies (broadcasting, DVB-T, BOS radio, mobile radio 3G/4G/5G…) and evaluates their development and potential uses.

Even if the requirements for assessment are discussed in very contradictory ways and risk perception is also very strongly influenced by the media, a proper, technologically relevant collection of exposure data is the basis of any assessment.

  • Standardised measurement of electric/magnetic and electromagnetic fields
  • Exposure assessment according to worker protection requirements
  • Assessment of the exposure situation in the area of influence of radio networks
  • Assessment of the emission of radio systems and electrical equipment (conformity requirements according to personal protection requirements)

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