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Your assistant. Simple. Digital. Pioneering.

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simple. digital. pioneering.

TÜV AUSTRIA as a pioneer

tami is your TÜV AUSTRIA pathfinder for your company in the digitalized market landscape. In Austria and around the world - hosted in Austria. tami shows you your way. Ask tami@tuvaustria.com



connected. facilitated. integrated.


as a digital solution, all currently available data from your operations and makes it versatile for your company. We generate real future potential from more data.


your operational workflows and fuels the digitalization of your corporate structures, as well as quality, sustainability and innovation.


individually the different customer needs, created multilingually on request and structured according to your business structure. A real technological advantage for your entrepreneurial success!


Your assistent. Your pioneer.


From Freelancer to Expert.


tami:freelancer structures your assets into clear color codes and by location. tami:freelancer makes the entire audit trail available to you at any time. tami:freelancer naturally also links the relevant invoices, quotations and order confirmations to your assets. tami:freelancer prepares your company as you have never seen it before. Even mobile, because tami shows you your way. Ask tami@tuvaustria.com


tami:junior creates a structured overview of your assets and related documents in your company. tami:junior additionally sorts your assets according to comprehensive selection criteria, such as locations, operator and billing addresses. This additional information configures tami:junior for your personal home screen, together with inspection report and result display. With the integrated calendar and reminder function tami:junior makes you aware of ongoing processes, and via your personal inbox you can easily contact TÜV AUSTRIA if required. tami shows you your way. Ask tami@tuvaustria.com


tami:senior knows something about sets of rules and the standards relevant for you. Your assets have been clearly prepared by tami:senior configured for you on the home screen according to your requirements, documents and deadlines linked – with the selection and selection criteria, every asset is at hand – exactly the relevant standards and sets of rules that tami:senior not only provides, but of course updates and informs you about changes. Your workflows are optimized by tami:senior in your company through your configurable workspace, TÜV AUSTRIA work templates included. tami shows you your way. Ask tami@tuvaustria.com


tami:expert knows its stuff. tami:expert also keeps an eye on third-party inspections and connects you to our growing tami user network on request. Meanwhile, your personally configurable home screen and workspace provide you with a comprehensive overview of your assets, including linked documents (test reports, invoices ...), use the helpful TÜV AUSTRIA work templates in your processes, and also react promptly to defects and missed deadlines with your tami:expert, in direct exchange with a TÜV AUSTRIA expert – from expert to expert. Finally, tami:expert informs you about the current regulations, standards and also authority requirements relevant for your success. Because tami shows you your way. Ask tami@tuvaustria.com

Ask tamiin the free demo versiontami@tuvaustria.com

Use tami

How to use tami?

tami ensures an efficient flow of information and combines your data and information into new competitive solutions for your company. tami creates the unique customer relationship for you that is digital, simple and pioneering.

Target group

The target group of tami by TÜV AUSTRIA includes all companies or institutions that want to record and manage all objects and certifications subject to inspection, including deadlines, at a glance. This includes industrial companies, chain stores, shopping centers as well as the aviation industry, hospitals and rehab centers, energy producers, financial service providers, hotels and restaurants, educational institutions, wastewater associations, municipalities, and many more.

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