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Technical Safety Officer (TSO)

Technical Safety Officer (TSO)

Pursuant to the Austrian Hospitals and Sanatoriums Act, the Technical Safety Officer (TSO) shall check the medical-technical devices and technical equipment regularly, or have these checked, and have any defects that are discovered repaired.
Know-how and legal security: our experts at TÜV AUSTRIA Medical Technology are at your disposal as TSO for your hospital. Thanks to our many years of experience and TSO activities in various hospitals, we have the necessary sense and experience of what is appropriate to comply with statutory and normative requirements.
The work of the Technical Safety Officer is regulated in the Austrian Hospitals and Sanatoriums Act. Every institution in the healthcare sector must appoint a Technical Safety Officer (TSO) who is responsible for the perfect function of the medical-technical devices and technical equipment used in the institution to protect the patients.

Your advantages

Your advantages from a cooperation with TÜV AUSTRIA Medical Technology:

  • Profit from our decades of experience in the field of medical engineering, the great expertise of our staff and our cooperation in norms and standards.
  • The experts at TÜV AUSTRIA Medical Technology have already worked as TSO in a number of different hospitals. We can boast an extensive, differentiated view of the high requirements of and the problems facing hospitals!
  • We are objective, do not have a close or dependent relationship with industry, commerce or authorities and are free from any instructions.

Target group

Operators of healthcare institutions that fall under the Hospitals and Sanatoriums Act such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Nursing homes
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Sanatoriums
  • Physical therapy institutes
  • X-ray, MR, CT institutes
  • etc.

Test procedure/services

  • We will be happy to prepare a quotation. This will already include the name of the suggested TSO.
  • The TSO has to be reported to the pertinent authorities. We will be pleased to be of assistance!
  • Depending on the topic, our TSOs cooperate with your radiation protection officer, the hygiene officer and other preventive services under the Occupational Safety and Health Act (ASchG).
  • The TSO advises the medical director, the administrative manager and the director of the nursing services on all questions related to operational safety and the perfect function of the medical devices and technical equipment at all times.
  • They are assisted by the TSO when planning new buildings, extensions or conversions to healthcare facilities, and when procuring medical devices and technical equipment.
  • The TSO prepares a so-called transcript once a year – this is a summary of the tests of medical devices and technical equipment.

Statutory and normative principles

Hospitals and Sanatoriums Act KAKuG

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