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Safety expert (SFK)

Safety expert (SFK)

Employees in healthcare facilities are exposed to a number of risks – infectious diseases, hazardous working materials or blood can pose a threat to the nursing/cleaning staff as well as doctors. The job of preventive services such as the safety officer is the comprehensive counseling of the employer so as to minimize these kinds of risks.
You don’t have the time or manpower? TÜV AUSTRIA operates its own technical safety center. Our trained and experienced safety experts look after a large number of hospitals, rehabilitation centers as well as various rescue and ambulance services in the interests of occupational health and safety. Don’t fall foul of “tunnel vision”, get an objective opinion!
Healthcare facilities must appoint preventive services pursuant to the Occupational Health and Safety Act. These consist of safety experts (SFK) and occupational physicians (AM). The working hours of the preventive services depends on the number of people working in the institution.

Your advantages

Your advantages from a cooperation with TÜV AUSTRIA Medical Technology:

  • Profit from our decades of experience in the field of occupational health and safety and the great expertise of our employees.
  • Thanks to our many years of experience in the healthcare sector, we are familiar with the procedures and can thus satisfy the statutory requirements such as evaluations quicker and easier.
  • Our nationwide network of service points in Austria helps save your travelling costs.
  • We offer an economical solution through an interaction with other services, such as the periodic tests of medical equipment and the tasks of the safety expert. These tasks can be consolidated and carried out during only visit to the healthcare institution. Your one-stop solution!
  • Let yourself be kept up to date thanks to the regular training of our safety experts.
  • We work as a safety officer for a number of different clients. This allows to take an extensive, differentiated view of the high requirements of and problems in the field of occupational health and safety.
  • Save time and money with existing documentation templates.

Target group

Every employee in healthcare institutions. For all other lines of industry, our colleagues in the Technical Safety Center will be happy to help.


We take care of a lot of the work demanded by the Occupational Health and Safety Act as well as related orders:

  • Performance of the workplace evaluation, preparation of the safety and health protection documents.
  • Performance of the evaluation pursuant to the orders on ASchG, such as VOLV, VbF etc.
  • Measurements of noise, CO2, lighting,…
  • Preparation of operating instructions, lists of working materials,…
  • Advice on new buildings and conversions from the point of view of occupational health and safety

Statutory and normative principles

Occupational Health and Safety Act ASchG + orders

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