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Automotive Services

Automotive Services


TÜV AUSTRIA AUTOMOTIVE GMBH is an accredited technical service company, a reliable partner of international automotive business regarding the inspection and approval of vehicles and their parts. Our company is most certainly your very own competent automotive partner as well.

TÜV AUSTRIA Automotive has at its disposal devices for testing vehicle components according to EEC directives as well as national and international safety standards and issues test reports for approval procedures.

TÜV AUSTRIA Automotive carries out tests of the structural integrity of vehicle components and issues the required test reports and parts certificates for attaining an operating approval.

Our engineers' profound specialized knowledge in regulations, regulations and laws are your guarantee for safe products.

Accredited Testing and Inspection Body

Extensive tests are necessary to realise the wishes of lovers of individual vehicles. Our services include the inspection of complete vehicle modifications comprising wheels, tyres, undercarriage (lowering), annected parts (spoilers) steering wheels, sport seats, etc.

Our neutrality and independence are prerequisite for the acceptance of our test and inspection reports. Due to our profound knowledge in all safety relevant fields we can tackle every detailed question in connection with testing procedures individually.

Testing of Vehicles and Components

  • inspection of vehicle modifications (wheels, tyres, undercarriage, annected parts, steering wheels, etc.)
  • sound emission (trucks, cars, motorbikes, etc.)
  • vehicle reconstructions (convertibles, roofs, etc.)
  • antimanipulation of motocycles
  • brakes, engine power, maximum speed, off-road vehicles, diesel smoke, etc.
  • installation of sidecars


Testing the Vehicle Components According to National and International Testing Directives

  • light alloy wheels
  • bike frames and rear suspensions
  • (special) steering bars
  • brake systems
  • fork bridges
  • foot resting devices
  • tow couplings, traction forks, overrunning brakes
  • splinter safety and fire conduction of synthetic parts (spoilers, tanks)
  • skid devices (chains, start assistances)
  • roof rack
  • testing of containers according to the Austrian containter safety law



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