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Taking measures to ensure the safety of drinking water systems

  •   04/29/2017
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Water is not only the most precious but also a perishable good.

Taking regular control samples helps detect contamination with legionella bacteria and prevent diseases.

Operators of complex drinking water facilities in public spaces, such as hospitals, hotels, swimming baths and schools, are often not aware that they are required to have their water systems checked once a year.

Conventional systems are a breeding ground for legionella

Being able to provide water in the stipulated quality is a responsible and complex task for operators of drinking water facilities. “Everyday infrastructure elements such as showers, air-conditioning and hot-water systems facilitate the germination of legionella”, environmental protection and hygiene expert Thomas Fleischanderl pointed out. The TÜV AUSTRIA engineer explained that legionella are transmitted without detection by air droplets that form in an infrastructure’s biofilm and can cause severe pneumonia as a result of inhaling them. Ensuring a working air and water hygiene management in public spaces over the long term is therefore a top priority.

Legionella prophylaxis over the long term provides safety

TÜV AUSTRIA provides guidance to operators of drinking water systems on complying with the extensive legal requirements and standards (Drinking Water Ordinance and Austrian Standards B 5019, B 1300, B 1301). To protect their facilities over the long term, operators must keep a quality manual, get the facility certified and train their employees, in combination with a prophylactic check for legionella carried out by TÜV AUSTRIA. Shortly after a control sample has been taken, the operator receives reliable results from the laboratory and can initiate appropriate measures with the support of the TÜV AUSTRIA hygiene experts. With the hot summer months coming up, spring is the perfect time to find out what you need to know about the hygiene requirements of drinking water systems and to set up legionella prophylaxis in order to protect the health of those who use them.

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Taking measures to ensure the safety of drinking water systems, (C) Fotolia, Oksama Kuzmina

Taking measures to ensure the safety of drinking water systems, (C) Fotolia, Oksama Kuzmina

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