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Food Microbiology Testing Laboratory

  •   07/26/2018
  •   Created by Dana Georgescu

We have expanded our capabilities at our industrial, environmental, food and petrochemical analyses laboratory with a dedicated food microbiology testing area.

The European Union has taken various steps to implement an overall food control program. Given that our laboratory is already accredited and tests not only food products but also tests for the presence of more than 400 pesticides in the control of organic products, the next step was to set up a microbiology testing area.

The new microbiology testing area increases customer value through the full-service packages our laboratory offers, saving our clients both time and money.  

Our TÜV AUSTRIA lab services 

  • Quantitative analyses
  • Qualitative analyses: presence or absence of a specified microorganism such as Salmonella or E. coli Culture methods
    Biochemical tests lsuch as sugar fermentation
  • Serology
  • Colony morphology: shape or color
  • Cell shape by microscope such as bacillus or streptococcus
  • Shelf life testing


Calea Plevnei nr.139, Corp C, Et.1, Sect. 6, cod poştal 060011, Bucureşti - România
+4 021-315.32.95 

TÜV AUSTRIA Romania – Food Microbiology Testing Laboratory

TÜV AUSTRIA Romania – Food Microbiology Testing Laboratory

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