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Certificate Search

Certificate Search


The TÜV AUSTRIA Group offers an expansive certificate search service to allow around-the-clock validation of all system, person and product certificates issued by the TÜV AUSTRIA Certification Body.

The validity of SCC certificates issued before 2015 can only verified by calling +43 (0)504 54-6251

IMPORTANT! Certificates pertaining to CE-markings CANNOT BE VERIFIED on this website. Please contact the proper business area directly for verification: Elevators & Escalators attuvat | EMC emvtuvat | Environment Protection uwwtuvat | Machinery mhftuvat | Electrical Engineering ettuvat | Materials & Welding Technology wptuvat | Management Systems certtuvat | Medical Products mt-zerttuvat | Pressure Equipment dgtuvat | Telecommunications emvtuvat

Note: Dear client, if your certificate has expired or has not been formally issued yet, it will not show up on our website. For further Information please visit "Certificate not found? Help and Contact Information“.

TÜV AUSTRIA Certification Check Jordan:

To ask for the validity of TÜV AUSTRIA certificates in Jordan, please send your enquiry to any of the following email addresses:




The TÜV AUSTRIA Group Certification Body is specifically based at TÜV AUSTRIA CERT LTD. Certifications in connection with CE-markings are managed by TÜV AUSTRIA SERVICES LTD.

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