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Protecting critical infrastructure: TÜV AUSTRIA IT & Data Security Symposium

  •   05/26/2020
  •   Created by TUEV AUSTRIA

The participants of the TÜV AUSTRIA Expert Day livestream in May learned how companies can upgrade their IT security.

This year the symposium IT and data security was held online: The participants got the decisive information advantage from the experts and could ask their questions in the chat. The core question was: Has IT security been neglected in the industry?

OT-Security (Operational Technology Security) regulates cyber security in industrial plants and can be found in all industrial sectors, such as water supply, food supply, energy supply or medical facilities. Industry has become the main point of attack for hackers: there are a number of attacks that are carried out in a targeted and professional manner. The reason for this is, on the one hand, the increasing networking of Industry 4.0, and on the other hand, systems that were designed to last a long time, but can no longer keep up with today's requirements. Systems were created under a different security premise, from the perspective of an engineer and the prerequisite of a closed system. Nobody had thought about the connectivity of today's systems. The result is a wide area of attack for potential hackers.

This makes OT security all the more important, according to Prof. Thomas Brandstetter from the Institute for Security Research at St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences. The lecturer appealed to the operators of the systems to eliminate the open flanks of the systems and to strengthen cyber security. The regulatory pressure to do so has become stronger, the regulations more diverse. The NIS regulation for the protection of critical infrastructure is more topical than ever, well-trained OT personnel are important for the cyber-resilience of the company. In addition, access restrictions should be introduced and/or extended in the networks to protect against attacks.

The program of this year's symposium not only hit the heart of companies' IT systems, but also raised areas of conflict in the public discussion: 5G, algorithms, the stop corona app and the lack of skilled personnel. In November there will be another event in this area: a preview of IT topics 2021. Interested parties can already attend courses in OT and IT: www.tuv-akademie.at/kurse-OT

Contact information:

Stefan Grüneis, IT & Data Security Seminars & Training, TÜV AUSTRIA Academy, stefan.grueneis@tuv.at, Tel.: +43 (0)5 0454-8172 | www.tuv-akademie.at/it

IT- & Datensicherheit | IT Security, Cybersecurity, Adobe Stock, Nmedia

IT- & Datensicherheit | IT Security, Cybersecurity, Adobe Stock, Nmedia

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