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Preverjanje potrdilo

Preverjanje potrdilo

POTRDILO : Potrdilo Iskanje TUV AUSTRIA Group

The TÜV AUSTRIA Group offers an expansive certificate search service to allow around-the-clock validation of all system, person and product certificates issued by the TÜV AUSTRIA Certification Body.

IMPORTANT! Certificates pertaining to CE-markings CANNOT BE VERIFIED on this website. Please contact the proper business area directly for verification: Elevators & Escalators attuvat | EMC emvtuvat | Environment Protection uwwtuvat | Machinery mhftuvat | Electrical Engineering ettuvat | Materials & Welding Technology wptuvat | Management Systems certtuvat | Medical Products mt-zerttuvat | Pressure Equipment dgtuvat | Telecommunications emvtuvat

TÜV AUSTRIA Certification Check Jordan:

To ask for the validity of TÜV AUSTRIA certificates in Jordan, please send your enquiry to any of the following email addresses:




The TÜV AUSTRIA Group Certification Body is specifically based at TÜV AUSTRIA CERT LTD. Certifications in connection with CE-markings are managed by TÜV AUSTRIA SERVICES LTD.

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