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Inspection Manager: Keeping an eye on your inspections

Klick. Check. Sicher. TÜV AUSTRIA Inspection Manager, (C) Shutterstock, Cookie Studio

Click. Check. Safe.

Operators' duties in practice - Implementing a legally valid organisation

The TÜV AUSTRIA Inspection Manager (TM) is individually configured to your business / organisation. The TÜV AUSTRIA Inspection Manager (TM) reminds you of the relevant and applicable laws and regulations

  • for the legal validity of the management and those responsible
  • for a legally valid organisation - Legal Compliance
  • for legal certainty in case of damage
  • for the protection of employees, neighbours and clients
  • for the environmental protection
  • for the reduction of stoppages

More inside for your own business

The Inspection Manager provides a visual evaluation of your entire inventory of objects and certifications subject to testing or inspection. Users can see at a glance the relationships between infrastructure subject to testing and inspection and legal obligations. The online application provides companies, municipalities and institutions with a time-saving way to implement preventive risk management that is actually practiced. The extra time comes with sound legal certainty, because Inspection Manager not only features continuous online availability; you will also be impressed by the completeness of its up-to-theminute, legally valid basis.

The online application helps to prevent non-compliance with testing and inspection obligations while providing lasting protection for all concerned. For example, pressure vessels at companies, playgrounds, e-charging stations of municipalities or elevators of property management firms can all be called up with a single click in Inspection Manager. These entries are linked to testing and inspection logs, as well as data from the most recent and upcoming tests and inspections. In addition, the centralized tracking and evaluation of all documents in Inspection Manager assists customers in the ongoing digitalization of their structures. Be it employees leaving or the loss of documents in cases of damage – Inspection Manager backs up all data redundantly to be available at all times on TÜV AUSTRIA’s servers in Austria. The resulting complete documentation of all procedures for testing, permitting, certification and maintenance thus creates a high degree of legal certainty. A whole range of industrial companies, chain stores and shopping centers, the aviation industry, hospitals and rehabilitation centers, energy producers, financial service providers, hotels and restaurants, educational institutions, municipalities and sewage associations now rely on “Click. Check. Safe & Secure.” with TÜV AUSTRIA’s Inspection Manager.

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