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Safety Technical Center & Safety Expert

Safety Technical Center & Safety Expert

Safety Technical Center & Safety Expert

TÜV AUSTRIA operates a Safety Technical Center (STZ) within the scope of Section 7 of the Austrian National Regulation for Health and Safety, BGBl No. 450/1994 for the performance of safety engineering services.

  • Workplace evaluation, identification, and assessment of hazards

  • Creation of health and safety documents

  • Internet-supported software for the implementation and management of workplace evaluations

  • External safety experts and occupational health workers

  • Fire safety officers and fire protection wardens

  • Preparation of fire safety plans, fire regulations, and evacuation plans

  • Preparation of waste management plans

  • Expert assessments

  • Accident analyses

  • Workplace measurements (MAK, TRK, light, noise, air, etc.)

  • Inspection of extraction and ventilation systems

  • Safety-related assistance in the planning of workplaces

  • Safety-related assistance before the introduction of working procedures, work equipment, working materials, and personal protective equipment

  • Safety engineering instructions

  • Creation of operational, working, and safety instructions

  • Machine acceptance (see also expertise area "Safety of Machinery & Equipment")

  • Safety management systems (SCC, OHSAS, etc.) support with

  • Training

  • Setup

  • Certification

Safety experts and occupational health workers

Fire protection officers

Complete packages

Complete packages can be offered in conjunction with our other business areas (Industrial Code § 82b, building equipment, installations subject to verification, etc.).

Education & Training

  • Safety Experts
  • Safety Officers
  • Working Safety Management Experts
  • Fire Protection Officers
  • Waste Management Officers
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