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Playground, Sports, Recreational Equipment

Playground, Sports, Recreational Equipment

Good playground and recreational equipment should primarily have the following characteristics:high playing quality, attractivity and safety.

Playing quality and attractivity must be considered as early as during planning stage. Safety depends mainly on construction, but also on installation and arrangement on site.give expert lectures in specific cableway seminars and issue helpful training documents

How safe is playground and recreational equipment?

Quite often attractive playground equipment with high playing quality entails dangers. Correct falling is a learning process. Injuries can always occur as 100% safety is hardly ever possible.

Safe playground and recreational equipment should fulfill the following criteria:

  • Necessary structural integrity and stability
  • No dangerous traps and playing sequences with clearly recognizable dangers
  • The required free spaces and falling spaces
  • Physio-chemical and mechanical examinations on site and in laboratories
  • Metallographic examinations
  • Impact attenuating surface depending on the free fall height
  • Consequent management of inspection and maintenance
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