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Loss Adjusting

Loss Adjusting

Loss adjusting comes originally from the Anglo-Saxon region and includes the processing of the claim for loss or damage right up to the processing of the claim payment to the claims applicant. The job of the loss adjuster is often handled differently at the regional level. Originally, loss adjusters rather have education in the insurance sector primarily in the Anglo-Saxon region. In this case, by and large, an external expert is involved for the technical processing. 

Apart from the qualifications of a "technical surveyor", the team at Schreiner Consulting also has insurance-related knowledge and hence, covers all segments in loss adjusting.

Damage to property

Loss or damage take place daily as a result of natural events, technical defects, carelessness or intentional actions in all walks of life (day-to-day activities, professional life, personal or sports fields). It is a highly responsible task to evaluate and analyse the causes, amount of claim and the responsibilities correctly.

Third party liability claims

Those who lodge a claim on others for culpability or for infringement of statutory third party liability regulations, is entitled to "compensation" (claim for compensation) according to our legal regulations.

We support you with the management of claims lodged for loss or damage and even with the preparation of (technical) boundary conditions for managing and handling the legal recourse.

The liability and insurance cover can be checked specifically for each order.


Transportation of goods is an essential factor of our economy and determine the volume of traffic on land, water and air to a large extent.

Thus, it is unavoidable that accidents and incidents of loss or damage occur time and again. Fast and prompt action often has a considerable impact on minimising the loss or damage.

Our technical experts are quick to reach the place of occurrence and not only provide you with support in the event of loss or damage but also with determination of the risk and making medical care available. 


We carry out estimates and evaluations worldwide for machines and systems (technical / commercial operational equipment and facilities), buildings and commercial properties and vehicle fleets. The range extends from single machines or buildings right up to the evaluation of complete offices or location-specific facilities.

In most cases, the basis is formed by the group declarations of the general conditions of the insurance cover against fire depending on the evaluation method, but there are other factors that also get incorporated.

The values obtained are used both for determining and checking the sum insured and the banking matters (e.g. sale and lease-back) and internal company affairs (e.g. corporate acquisitions or sales, break-up of offices or locations).

Risk Surveys

Identical activities do not always mean the same level of risk. To determine the insurance premium, it is important to be aware of the risk potential. It is not only that savings are possible for insurance policies and companies, but risk surveys are an indispensable management tool for the management of a company. Basically, you differentiate between

PML (Probable Maximum Loss) estimate
EML (Estimated Maximum Loss) estimate

Risks for potential loss or damage depend on several factors such as value concentrations, area distribution, fire loads etc.

Minor loss management

The issue or problem is always one and the same: about the efficiency of the management and handling, the quality of the assessment of loss or damage, prevention of misuse and the associated improvement in the compensation claim from insurance companies in case of loss or damage of a minor extent or nature. It is only a firm and lean processing organisation having qualified personnel and the most modern technical resources and equipment that can meet these requirements.

Our experts not only access relevant and appropriate know-how and several years of experience even in the case of managing minor loss or damage, but also have modern test and measurement laboratories that always comply with the state-of-the-art technology and best engineering practices.

Desktop handling

Desktop handling means the processing of claims for damage or loss based on records, quotations, photo documentation and written illustrations of the circumstances pertaining to the respective claim for loss or damage.

Desktop handling is the processing of cases of loss or damage based on documentation provided from the desktop. Reports and expert opinions are requested or prepared if required.

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