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Construction engineering

Construction engineering

TÜV AUSTRIA offers its customers a broad range of services and expert advice on the subjects of construction engineering and energy, including expert’s reports, site supervision, project review, construction engineering safety inspection, pre-purchase and sale checks of property, ongoing monitoring, redevelopment inspections, construction progress checks according to the Austrian Property Development Contract Act (BTVG), as well as the Energy Performance Certificate, thermal redevelopment concepts, energy efficiency, thermography, building physics, contracting and smart metering.

TÜV AUSTRIA is an independent, recognised institution. As a management consultant and engineering expert it provides problem-solving competence both at a superordinate strategic level and at an operational specialist level.


Pre-purchase check and sale check of property:

When you are about to buy a flat or a house, you will probably want to find out about the technical condition of the property. Whether you are interested in an old or new building, the experts from TÜV AUSTRIA will inspect the property to be purchased from the basement to the roof.

Redevelopment inspection:

You want to redevelop or modernise your property? The independent experts from TÜV AUSTRIA, who have no commercial interest in the matter, will tell you what you should do.

Project review, review of the design and construction documents:

80% of all future building defects are “designed” defects. By reviewing the design and construction documents before the start of construction, the experts from TÜV AUSTRIA help avoid such defects.

Monitoring during the construction phase:

Monitoring by TÜV AUSTRIA during the construction phase will help you detect defects in good time. Knowing that their performance is being monitored by independent specialists also means that the contractors are motivated to do high-quality work.

Final inspection:

At the final inspection TÜV AUSTRIA ascertains whether the completed property has been built according to the contract (quality) and whether all works have been properly completed.

In their agreements with contractors, property owners and developers can stipulate that acceptances be carried out by TÜV AUSTRIA and tie payment to these.

Ongoing monitoring during house construction:

With the TÜV AUSTRIA experts by their side, even private home builders can sleep soundly again.


Scanning a building with a thermal imaging camera provides quick and clear information about the thermal insulation of a building and thus helps detect weak points.

Expert’s reports:

The experts from TÜV AUSTRIA prepare expert’s reports for you on any subject regarding construction and residential living. Should there be any disputes with the contractors or the end customers concerning quality, they can mediate many an argument in their capacity as recognised independent experts.

“TÜV AUSTRIA-tested” mark:

Property owners and developers can obtain confirmation of their high standards of quality by undergoing a voluntary quality inspection which includes the awarding of the “TÜV AUSTRIA-tested” mark to reassure their customers.

Construction progress check according to the Austrian Property Development Contract Act (BTVG):

The experts from TÜV AUSTRIA check whether the construction progress has actually been achieved as stipulated in the payment plan so as to ensure that you don’t overpay.

Construction engineering safety inspection:

It is the building owners’/property managers’ responsibility to ensure that the applicable technical legislation pertaining to safety be complied with, irrespective of consensus. The safety inspection of your property by TÜV AUSTRIA provides you with information about compliance with these regulations.

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