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3D Scan Technology

For manufacturers or marketers of products and components in the automotive sector, there are countless opportunities to benefit from the 3D SCAN service offered by TÜV AUSTRIA Automotive on the basis of a high level of expertise and using state-of-the-art hardware and software.


TÜV AUSTRIA Automotive 3D Scanning Technology

  • Component scan
  • Surface scan for small and large surfaces
  • Scan body attachments - mounting points for adjustment of the fit of replica parts
  • Shape - comparative measurement Original part - replica part
  • Fit scan for assembly components and installations in the vehicle interior, (e.g. consoles for hands-free car kits etc.)
  • Interior contour scan
  • Footwell scan (e.g. for floor mats)
  • Trunk scan (e.g. for trunk trays, trunk mats)
  • Vehicle seat scan (e.g. for seat covers or seat pads)
  • CAD component comparison with the scan data of the component, e.g. for light alloy wheels
  • Measurement of wheel contours, brake contours, chassis components

Many types of application

The possible applications in the field of product testing are manifold and can be developed according to the needs and requirements of the customer.


From the field - Development of frontal protection system at a distance

Since the client is located in Austria and the production plant in Lithuania and the desired vehicle was not available in Lithuania, TÜV AUSTRIA Automotive was consulted. Thanks to the latest 3D scanning technology and know-how, the data required for the production of the frontal protection system was acquired by means of 3D scan. The manufacturing company already had experience with the use of such data, as components are already being modelled in-house on this basis. Thus, despite the spatial distance, he was able to precisely communicate what, how and above all in which resolution had to be scanned.
After the scan was completed, the data was made available to the manufacturer via the TÜV AUSTRIA subplatform and production could begin. Thanks to our support, a massive amount of time could be saved, so that approx. 3 weeks after the scan, the first parts could leave serial production.

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