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Product Safety: Tests, inspections, certifications

Product Safety

To offer end consumers safe products, more and more manufacturers and distributors have their merchandise tested by independent safety institutes.

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Fitness-for-use tests for importers and retail chains

Are you an importer or retailer? Do you want to make sure that the products you wish to sell really possess the properties claimed by the supplier?

Do you wish to offer your customers products of solid quality and draw attention to this fact by placing a certification mark on the products?Do you want to make sure that your series delivery corresponds with the demonstration sample?Then let us do a fitness-for-use test.

Besides detailed prototype and type tests TÜV AUSTRIA also offers tests to ensure fitness for use and the required quality from the user’s point of view, wherebyquality is assessed in relation to the intended use.

Depending on the type of test sample, electrical, mechanical or chemical (according to the Austrian Food Safety and Consumer Protection Act – LMSVG) properties are examined.Since the test samples may vary in type, ranging from simple mechanical tools and domestic appliances to complicated electronic or mechanical equipment, no general statements can be made regarding the scope of the testing.

Furniture testing at the TÜV AUSTRIA testing facility

At its Vienna testing centre TÜV AUSTRIA has developed a new modular test facility to meet the needs of furniture manufacturers and dealers with regard to testing and sampling.There is no similar facility available in Austria for the commercial sector.

Modular furniture testing facility

TÜV AUSTRIA has developed a test system that can give us an in-depth look into these scenarios.This means that TÜV AUSTRIA is able to mimic the load cycles, as well as the necessary forces, methods and times used in conformity with all standards, and to record the results with pinpoint accuracy.

Furniture must fulfill these basic safety requirements:

  • Mechanical and structural load capacity
  • Mechanical and dynamic load capacity
  • Measurement and functional requirements relating to ergonomics
  • Chemical innocuousness of the materials used and their future waste disposal
  • Flame-retardant/ defined flammability properties of the textile surfaces
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