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Personal Protective Equipment – PPE

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Personal Protective Equipment


PPE. Simply safe.

TÜV AUSTRIA ensures safety

Many professional activities, but also leisure activities, require the use of personal protective equipment (PPE). To ensure that PPE really protects, it must be one thing above all: safe! TÜV AUSTRIA, as an accredited and notified testing body for PPE, ensures this safety.


Highly qualified safety specialists

The employees we engage for on-site audits or inspections are usually trained safety specialists, and as such are familiar with the applicable legal regulations.

Personal protective equipment includes:

  • PPE against falling, drowning and sinking
  • Foot and leg protection
  • Head and neck protection
  • Eye and face protection
  • Hearing protection
  • Hand and arm protection
  • Skin protection
  • Respiratory protection
  • Protective clothing

Accreditations and Notifications

Notified body Nr. 0408


Operators & PPE Users

Type Tests

according to PPE (EU) Regulation 2016/425

  • Assessment according to module B for personal protective equipment against falls from a height (Cat. III)
  • Safety harnesses, lanyards, slings, core ropes, tree care products
  • Tests with a modern test dummy: 100 kg -150 kg at a constant center of gravity position

Type Testing

of anchor devices and fall protection systems

Assessment according to EN 795 (all types) and Construction Products Regulation 305/2011

Quality Monitoring

according to PSA (EU) Regulation 2016/425

  • Monitoring of the product (module C2)
  • Monitoring of the manufacturer's quality assurance system (module D)

Special Tests

  • Load tests up to 1000 kN
  • Side protection devices
  • Dome light fall-through protection

Additional Information

  • Scope of accreditation according to EN ISO/IEC 17020 and 17025T
  • Notified body 0408 according to PPE (EU) Regulation


of single components of personal protective equipment

  • Annual inspection of PPE against falls from a height according to § 14 PSA-V
  • Visual and functional inspections of all components according to the manufacturer's specifications
  • Inspection report EN ISO/IEC 17020


of fall protection systems

  • Annual inspection of the entire fall protection system on roofs and industrial facilities
  • Visual and functional inspection of all installed supports, ropes, rails
  • Assessment of the safety concept
  • Control of the assembly documentation for the operators legal security


at planning and evaluation of fall protection systems

  • Evaluation according to ÖNORM B 3417 and valid regulations and laws
  • Preparation of expert opinions and inspection reports (§4 ASchG)
  • Control of plans, construction site supervision


in correcting deficiencies and planning errors

  • Preparation of object-related operating instructions
  • Assessment of the strength of the assembly in case of missing/deficient assembly documentation


in the correct use of PPE against falls from a height in accordance with § 14 (7) PSA-V

  • Correct donning of personal protective equipment
  • Practical exercises in handling PPE and anchor devices
  • Development of individual rescue concepts

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