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Cranes, Elevators, Gates and Doors

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Cranes, Lifting Devices, Doors - An Elevating Topic

We daily use facilities for lifting and forwarding loads and persons. Every day we walk through automatic doors and gates. At work, in our leisure time and in our flats we make use of mechanical appliances. Falls from a height mostly end fatal, no matter whether loads or even persons fall. That is why lifting devices are subjected to special requirements to ensure the safe and intended use.

Range of tested devices

  • Bridge cranes, travellers, railways, portal cranes, dock cranes and related installations
  • Construction cranes, building hoists, concrete pumps, suspended platforms as well as other construction machinery and installations on construction sites
  • Vehicle servicing lifts, hydraulic jacks for servicing, two-storey garages for parking cars
  • Lifting tables, elevating work platforms, suspended platforms, ladders, working platforms with and without transport of persons
  • Ropes, chains, main cables and slings
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Doors and gates


The advisory assistance by our competent employees help you to make the right decisions and guarantee an independent expert assessment in accordance with the relevant regulations.

Approval tests, calculations of structural integrity and stability as well as filings at the building control office guarantee an expert preparation and execution of projects.

Acceptance tests
according to the Austrian law ASchG are prerequisite for meeting the requirements necessary for operation.

Regular inspections are prerequisite for fulfilling the Austrian law ASchG (Austrian work protection law).

Inspections in cases of modification, extension, damage and accident.

Training for operating cranes, stacker-trucks, earth-moving machinery and many more.

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