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TÜV AUSTRIA - Your Partner with the Widest Scope of Measurement Units


Every test or measurement result is just about as good as its most inaccurate link. For that reason TÜV Austria pays special attention to the inspection of testing devices according to the standards ISO 9000 or EN 45000 within quality management systems. This inspection guarantees that measurement results give an account of the real value with a defined probability of deviation. Therefore all testing devices must be calibrated in certain intervals to be able to determine national and/or international normals and quantity uncertainties in measurement.

TÜV Austria's accredited calibration institute is a competent and reliable partner in all questions concerning the calibration of testing and measurement devices in the European Union. Our mobility with regard to the test location is one of the most essential advantages for our customers.

We are Austria's calibration service with the widest-spread scope of measurement units and can perform the tests in our own laboratories as well as on site. While not accredited calibration bodies do not adduce proof of the relevant technical competence, calibration certificates issued by TÜV Austria are highly recognized in the entire European Union.

Once comparative measurements are complete, an ÖKD calibration certificate is issued. Such a certificate both guarantees traceability and quantifies the measurement inaccuracy of your devices. As part of mutual acknowledgement, it is valid in the entire European Union.

Finally, to understand the importance of certificates issued by legally recognised and certified institutions such as TÜV AUSTRIA, it is worth noting that calibration by non-accredited calibration services are not traceable according to ISO 9000 or EN 45000, since there is insufficient proof of adequate technical qualification.

Calibration: Pressure and Temperature

Once calibration is complete, an Austria Calibration Service certificate (ÖKD-Kalibrierschein) is issued, containing all relevant measurement readings. Such a certificate allows device operators to apply required corrections to the measurement results provided by the device using the comparative chart values as a guideline. Measurement inaccuracies may furthermore be limited to the given values or the newly generated values can be included in the process inaccuracy calculation.

TÜV AUSTRIA Group is capable of performing all calibrations according to EAL-R3 on site if necessary.

Accredited units:

  • absolute pressure
  • relative over pressure
  • differential pressure against atmosphere
  • temperature
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