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(Industrial) Internet of Things


Everything is networked

TÜV AUSTRIA supports you with your (I)IoT applications

While the term IoT has so far been applied primarily in the smart home sector, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) represents products in the industrial sector. When IIoT products are used in industrial environments, issues such as occupational safety, reliability and availability play important roles.

Manufacturer & Integrators

Our solutions for manufacturers & integrators

  • Cyber-Physical Systems Testing
  • Detailed examination of hardware and software
  • Implementation support of security measures in the industrial and commercial goods sector
  • Data security and data protection audit
  • Simulating attack vectors
  • Support already in the IoT/IIoT development cycle as well as the software architecture
  • Development consulting
  • Standort-Zertifizierungsberatung
  • Product safety consulting

IoT/IIoT Security Product Certification

IoT and IIoT certification in the consumer, industrial and automotive sectors.


Testing of existing systems by means of penetration tests

Penetration testing of cyber physical systems, embedded systems, software/ applications/ web services and execution of awareness campaigns.

  • Review of hardening measures for plant configurations
  • Web applications and mobile apps: Execution of penetration tests according to OWASP Project Standards
  • Digital Forensics for IoT/IIoT
  • Network and operating system: Identifying security vulnerabilities through targeted penetration testing in the IoT/IIoT network
  • Social engineering: assessing security awareness and supporting employees to act as a "human firewall".
  • Risk assessment of industrial networks

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