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Safe collaborative robots

TÜV AUSTRIA supports you in the development & integration of cobots

Cobots (collaborative robots) are capable of performing complex, human-like tasks and are therefore an indispensable part of modern industry. They have been designed to work side by side with humans and therefore have safety functions such as force and power reduction or collision detection built in. In order not to cause any danger for humans in situations where contact between humans and robots can occur, speed as well as force and power limitation can be used, for example.

Robotics Manufacturers

Our solutions for manufacturers

  • Determination of failure probabilities & verification of SIL and PL
  • Determination of safety-relevant parameters of functional safety (B10, MTTF, etc.)
  • Determination of technical performance parameters (speeds, stopping distances, waste heat, power, etc.)
  • Tests of hardware and software e.g. according to ISO 13849
  • Verification of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)


As an accredited and notified testing laboratory (0408), we are also available to you for:

  • CE conformity tests
  • EC type examinations (Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC)
  • and for the review of national and international standards

Robotics Integrators

Our solutions for integrators

  • Moderation of risk analyses taking into account cyber security threats and support in the derivation of appropriate measures
  • Project coaching related to the conformity of the complete application
    • Layout planning, taking into account the relevant normative requirements
    • Path optimization to minimize potential hazards
    • Ergonomic workplace design, etc.
  • Planning and development of a collaborative application on the level of EN ISO 10218-2 edition 2021/22
    • Consideration of the requirements for the three-dimensional workspace
    • Simulation evaluations of the planned work actions
    • Identification of possible contact and danger points
    • Measurement of biomechanical limits according to ISO TS 15066
    • Documentation of the concept on the requirements level of EN ISO 10218-2 edition 2021/22

Robotics Operators

Our solutions for operators

  • Consulting and concept discussion: Identification of the requirements and framework conditions to be fulfilled when acquiring a collaborative work system.
  • Review and moderation of hazard analyses in the case of, for example, a planned system rebuild
  • Assessment of biomechanical limits according to ISO/TS 15066 for new or modified contact points
  • Requirements for secure data networking / transmission within the plant
  • Simulation and analysis of ergonomic aspects
  • Workplace evaluation according to e.g. Employee Protection Act §35 (1) for use

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