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Digital assistance systems

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Digital assistance systems


Many new potentials through digital assistance systems

With the TÜV AUSTRIA Group, you manage all the challenges that Industry 4.0 technologies bring with them

Digital assistance systems in the field of Industry 4.0 refer to a wide range of innovative applications in which digital technologies play a major role. Whether in the form of collaborative robotics (cobots), support through exoskeletons, use of augmented reality or other 'remote services', (Industrial) Internet of Things or artificial intelligence. They all have in common that the application creates new opportunities and at the same time brings new challenges and risks. TÜV AUSTRIA offers manufacturers, integrators and operators comprehensive security solutions from the initial concept to recurring inspections.


Safe collaborative robots

TÜV AUSTRIA supports the planning and realization of the application for safe cooperation between humans and robots, cost-intensive safety precautions (e.g. safety fences, additional required working space) are no longer needed.

I'm operator


Strength, control and balance through exoskeletons

TÜV AUSTRIA supports manufacturers in the legally and standard compliant development and operators in the safe integration of exoskeletons into their production environment.

Augmented Reality

Everything in view through augmented reality

Remote services have evolved steadily over several years and the range of applications is increasing every few months. The global Corona crisis and subsequent lockdowns in many countries have proven to be accelerators for digitization.

Be it virtual reality, an immersion into an alternative digital world; augmented reality, to add digital content to the real world, or mixed reality, where digital content interacts with the real world, new applications are constantly emerging. Not to mention the wide range of drones that are finding their way into everyday use by means of FPV (first person view), for example.


Industrial Internet of Things and IoT in the Smart Home

While the term IoT has so far been applied primarily in the smart home sector, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) represents products in the industrial sector. When IIoT products are used in industrial environments, issues such as occupational safety, reliability and availability play important roles.

Safety & Security

Industrial Security Concepts for Industrial Automation Systems

With the increasing networking of production equipment (IIoT), new hazards are emerging that need to be incorporated into traditional risk management processes. As part of the operational hazard analysis and risk management of occupational health and safety, risk assessments for production facilities should be expanded to include aspects of IT networking and software/application risks.

Risk management in the area of cyber security focuses on the availability of the plants and thus on possible negative economic effects. The analyses from the Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) perspective primarily assess the risks in terms of human safety and production performance as well as the impact on the environment. An integrative approach to defining measures for cybersecurity and HSE assessment only provides a comprehensive picture for identifying possible existing and new threats and taking planned countermeasures.


Artificial intelligence put to the test

TRUSTED AI by TÜV AUSTRIA is the world's first Machine Learning (ML) certification scheme. We have deliberately chosen to start certification with supervised learning models, as these are already found in many technological applications in industry. They are characterized by clearly defined problem definitions and allow formal interpretation and validation.

The certificate TRUSTED AI by TÜV AUSTRIA confirms robustness, security and suitability of a certified AI application for defined purposes and fields of application. Currently, we already certify supervised learning models, and further AI/ML models will follow successively.

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