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Diversity Management (ÖNORM S 2501)

Diversity Management - ÖNORM S 2501

The Power of Diversity: ÖNROM S 2501 – Diversity Management

Based on the principle of voluntariness, diversity management is instrumental in ensuring that private and public organizations assume social responsibility. The positive effect of diversity on companies and organizations is undisputed. Diversity management is a strategic management approach and an important component of long-term and sustainable corporate success. For more than ten years, it has been possible for integral diversity management to be demonstrated through a specific certification system of its own. TÜV AUSTRIA certifies companies and organizations in the sphere of diversity management systems based on the standard and guidelines set out in ÖNORM S2501. This quality standard is based on a specific code of practice.

Certification objectively substantiates companies’ basic stance and supports companies and organizations in consciously establishing measures and activities in connection with diversity management, as well as in identifying and exploiting potential in this sphere. Certified companies receive an internationally recognized certificate and are entitled to use the TÜV AUSTRIA certification logo for marketing purposes (such as on printed matter, in the context of websites, etc.).

Diversity in terms of personnel, social issues and culture add up to opportunity
The concept of diversity management encompasses six core dimensions which, in addition to its equal-treatment and anti-discrimination directives, are recognized aspects of diversity management in the European Community:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender (m/f)
  • Sexual orientations
  • Ethnic origin and skin Color
  • Religion and world view (in the European context)

In addition, language, intercultural competence and work/life management are also regarded as criteria of diversity.

What advantages come with diversity management certification?

  • Access to new market Segments
  • Improvement of (international) customer relations and customer Retention
  • Support in the introduction and concrete implementation of regulatory and legal requirements
  • Increase in motivation and efficiency within the Company
  • Stimulation of innovation and creativity
  • Increase in attractiveness as an employer
  • Image bonus for the company and boost in its competitive advantage

What are the requirements for diversity management certification?

  • Voluntary commitment by the management to diversity management and practiced diversity within the Company
  • Documented enduring structuring process
  • A binding catalogue of objectives tailored to the company, continuous assessment of its defined processes and constant improvement

Well-known reference customers of TÜV AUSTRIA in the sphere of diversity management certification:

  • Fachhochschule Salzburg

Our cooperation partners:

  • Arbeitswelten.at
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