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Committee to ensure impartiality (Ausschuss zur Sicherung der Unparteilichkeit - ASU)

The ASU meeting 2020 of TÜV AUSTRIA CERT GMBH and TÜV AUSTRIA AUTOMOTIVE GMBH took place on October 29th.

Why do TÜV AUSTRIA companies organize a committee meeting to ensure impartiality (ASU)?

TÜV AUSTRIA CERT GMBH and TÜV AUSTRIA AUTOMOTIVE GMBH fulfill their obligation (according to ISO / IEC 17021 and ISO / IEC 17065) as accredited certification and verification bodies and set up the ASU in 2008 to ensure the highest actual and perceived objectivity. Separate rules of procedure have been established for this.

What are the goals of the committee and which topics are covered?

The aim is the certificate of conformity of the committee regarding the impartiality of the TÜV AUSTRIA CERT GMBH and TÜV AUSTRIA AUTOMOTIVE GMBH certification bodies, which the committee decides in a secret ballot.

Thematic framework:

  •  Development of basic regulations regarding the impartiality of certification activities.
  • Suppression of any tendency on the part of the certification body to allow commercial or other aspects to prevent the constant objective provision of the certification activities.
  •  Guidance on issues that affect trust in certification, including openness and public awareness.
  •  Regular assessment of the impartiality of the audits, the certifications and the decision-making processes of the certification body.

Who is invited to the committee meeting?

According to the rules of procedure, the committee consists of at least 12 participants who (in order to ensure the greatest possible diversity) are made up of customers of the certification bodies, representatives of industrial and trade associations, regulating authorities or other government agencies or representatives of NGOs, including consumer organizations. A written invitation is sent to the committee members as soon as the agenda has been drawn up.


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