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TÜV AUSTRIA Science Scholarship

TÜV AUSTRIA Science Scholarship

TÜV AUSTRIA Science Scholarship: scholarship@tuv.at

The TÜV AUSTRIA Science Scholarship aims at students of technical universities in Austria who are working on a research paper, a diploma or doctoral thesis in the field of technical sciences.

The support of € 500,- per month can be received for a period of 6 or up to 36 months (semester, annual or research scholarship).

Thank you for your numerous submissions!

Please note that only submissions from students studying at Austrian universities are eligible for the scholarship selection process.

Alongside a basic application the following credentials need to be specified:

  1. Project presentation: Describe and explain the reasons for your scholarship application including an exposé of your thesis (2-5 pages) , methodical considerations (1-2 pages), time schedule (1 page) and a bibliography; (in total no more than 10 pages)

  2. Abstract (1 page maximum)

  3. Curriculum vitae

  4. Diploma examination certificate, diploma certificate or a consolidated grade record of your diploma or master studies. (Diploma, Baccalaureat, Master)

  5. Enrolment confirmation

  6. Letter of recommendation by a university professor. Note: a stamp of the university and a signature of the author of the reccomendation are mandatory.

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