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TÜV AUSTRIA Issues First Asset Management Certification

  •   09/19/2018
  •   Created by Alexander Mück

TÜV AUSTRIA certified the first company in accordance with the ISO 55001 standard, ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG. Assets include physical, personnel, financial and intangible values.

ISO 55001 consolidates the defined assets of a company in a management system and facilitates targeted coordination for effective control and management such that associated risks are minimized while optimizing costs. Last but not least, ISO 55001 assists companies in boosting efficiency and effectiveness with regard to the use of assets. 

A further advantage of introducing an asset management system is that it facilitates timely, fact-based investment decisions, explains TÜV AUSTRIA chief marketing officer for management systems and auditor, Klaus Mlekus: “On the one hand, ISO 55001 sets up an important basis for systematically controlling asset-related activities in companies; on the other hand, companies have sufficient room for maneuver to interpret and apply the standard according to their requirements.” 

Certification never stands for the completion of a process, but rather for constant further development, explained ÖBB Infra board member Silvia Angelo: “Maintaining a management system is a process of continuous improvement – which we will prove in the course of recertification.”

TÜV AUSTRIA Group | TÜV AUSTRIA-Platz 1 | 2345 Brunn/Gebirge | https://www.tuv.at/loesungen/life-training-certification/managementsystemzertifizierung/


ÖBB-Infrastruktur Aktiengesellschaft | Praterstern 3 | 1020 Vienna | http://www.infrastruktur.oebb.at

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