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OK Recycled: New TÜV AUSTRIA Certification Scheme Drives Sustainable Development

  •   09/28/2021
  •   Business Assurance
  •   Created by TUEV AUSTRIA

Consumers and professional buyers making purchasing decisions are informed and influenced by environmental claims, labels and declarations. Environmental orientation on their part allows for circular economies to take a stronger foothold in society. TÜV AUSTRIA is introducing the new OK Recycled label to promote environmentally friendly consumption.

Suppliers, manufacturers and retailers are scrambling to meet the market’s increasing demand for environmentally conscious products and services. Stringent EU environmental legislation and consumer awareness are fueling concerns regarding the environmental impact of consumption.

Ready for the common future
TÜV AUSTRIA’s OK Recycled certification scheme addresses the issues raised by EU Directive 2019/904 on the reduction of the influence of certain plastic products on the environment. Bottles are to be made of at least 25% recycled plastic by 2025 for PET bottles, and 30% by 2030 – for all bottles). The objective of the OK Recycled scheme is to encourage environmentally friendly use of plastic materials and provide credibility for environmental claims promoting products in an ecologically informed marketplace.

The OK Recycled content certification scheme in particular specifies the requirements for calculating the recycled content of plastic products on the basis of a coordinated traceability system. The framework for the certification scheme is set by the requirements of standards EN 15343 and ISO 14021 .

The OK Recycled content certification is pertinent for all users of recycled plastics throughout the entire value chain, before final products reach end-consumers.

TÜV AUSTRIA: From a single source

Since the OK Recycled content certification scheme is based on mass balance control as well as coordinated traceability of recycled materials, the scheme can also be used to ascertain recycled content for any type of material (such as plastics, aluminum, fabrics and paper).

TÜV AUSTRIA’s OK Recycled certification scheme provides instant credibility and objectivity through easily identifiable and readily available information. As such, the TÜV AUSTRIA OK Recycled certification mark increases brand value and consumer confidence.

The TÜV AUSTRIA OK Recycled mark:

  • addresses the issues raised by EU Directive 2019/904
  • satisfies procurement requirements and customer expectations
  • elevates the profile of organizations in terms of their environmental consciousnessdifferentiates products from regular merchandise through certification by an independent third party
  • boosts clients’ brand value for their customers
  • meets consumer demand for greater transparency
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