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News article

New President at CEOC

  •   06/14/2017
  •   created by TÜV AUSTRIA Group

TÜV AUSTRIA CEO Stefan Haas is the new president of the International Confederation of Inspection and Certification Organisations.

Within the framework of the latest general meeting of the International Confederation of Inspection and Certification Organisations in Lyon, France, Stefan Haas was elected as new president.
With an office in Brussels, CEOC represents the concerns of its members from 19 countries both vis-à-vis the European Union and in the international arena.
Haas wants to use his three-year term of office to expand CEOC in the European and international arenas into an even stronger mouthpiece for the quality standards and offerings of technical safety and security services companies, to promote cooperation projects and to be a competent go-to partner for the development of standards and safety guidelines and quality standards.
Together with the CEOC management team, Haas intends to give this central priority at the European and international level. Those to benefit from this are the member companies and in particular their customers and buying public—because only products, services and processes that have been tested for safety and quality make for an appreciable sense of safety and security.

Dr. Stefan Haas, CEO TÜV AUSTRIA Group und Präsidenten der CEOC, der internationalen Vereinigung europäischer Inspektions- und Zertifizierungsunternehmen. (C) TÜV AUSTRIA, Andreas Amsüss

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