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New opportunities on the Romanian agricultural market

  •   01/25/2018
  •   Created by Dana Georgescu

TÜV AUSTRIA Romania begins the year with a series of agriculture and food production seminars hosted in several important areas of Romania.

Through these agriculture and food production seminars, TÜV AUSTRIA aims to promote ecological certification as well as laboratory services.

The first seminar took place in Brasov, a key agricultural area specialising in cheese and meat products. Local farmers and producers followed the seminar with keen interest. More notably, the event attracted great interest among other areas of agriculture. This eclectic mix of participants contributed to rich discussions and a high degree of involvement of everyone present. Such overwhelming response underlined the high level of interest in organic certification, product quality and tests performed in TÜV AUSTRIA´s new laboratory.

Romanian agriculture is committed to furthering the quality of agricultural services and products. Quality is beginning to be an important factor for farmers and distributors as end consumers have come to value quality over price in recent years.

Organic farming is beginning to become a sector of interest for conventional farmers as well, who increasingly turn to ecological production on their farms or lands. The tests TÜV AUSTRIA performs in its state-of-the-art lab can help agricultural business learn about their soil quality, it pollution level or what types of antibiotic or pesticide concentrations are found in the vegetables or fruits they produce.

As demand for organic food products is on the rise, farmers have begun to understand that organic production maintains a greater balance of nature by preserving fertile soil and minimizing intervention on plants and animals. Interest in the accreditation of organic livestock, milk or eggs is consequently very high in the Brasov area.

By raising awareness of organic farming, TÜV AUSTRIA has learned to adapt its services to evolving market needs and customer demands. Thinking ahead of market trends, TÜV AUSTRIA Romania is meeting potential customer requests with specially tailored, packaged solutions for the benefit of agriculture as a whole.

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TÜV AUSTRIA Romania – new opportunities on the Romanian agricultural market (C) Fotolia, Plus Bits

TÜV AUSTRIA Romania – new opportunities on the Romanian agricultural market (C) Fotolia, Plus Bits

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