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Functional Value Test

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TÜV AUSTRIA Functional Value Test


Check the labels on the device and on the packaging with regard to Austrian laws.

Operating Instructions

Control and evaluation of operating instructions and enclosed documents regarding:

  • Comprehensibility of intructions
  • Conformity with the actual design of the device
  • Existence of the necessary safety and warning instructions
  • Existence of information on the person placing the product on the market
  • Checking the guarantee details

Performance characteristics

    Verification of the nominal data
    Assessment of the degree of fulfilment of the intended purpose specified in the operating instructions
    Functional testing and handling
    Assessment of the constructive safety of the equipment on the basis of the applicable standards or the risk analysis, taking into account foreseeable misuse according to the user group stated
    Rough assessment of the minimum service life or the expected service life with proper use

Electrical safety

    Protection against electric shock and control of the safe separation of touchable parts from active live parts of the equipment
    Checking the correct mains connection
    Assessment of the enclosure design with regard to mechanical suitability and protection against penetration of water and solid objects
    Check for impermissible heating

Mechanical safety and strength

    Assessment of the strength of the construction with regard to loads during proper use
    Assessment of stability under different soil conditions
    Assessment of the strength reserves
    Operational safety
    Endurance tests according to standard or risk analysis
    Assessment of user safety against mechanical hazards



 Product Safety

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