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15. December 2021 - Christmas. More inside with TÜV AUSTRIA Group.

Moth Stop

  •     Less is more: moths love baked goods, nuts, chocolate and pulses. Don't buy too much of them, but limit yourself to what you need. It would be a pity if you had to throw it away.
  •     Clean it properly: Moths like a damp environment. If you want to clean your kitchen cupboards, you should use a hoover to remove any crumbs and then empty the hoover bag immediately afterwards.
  •     Check the packaging at the supermarket - moths easily manage to gnaw through the plastic.
  •     At home, decant the food immediately into airtight containers that can be closed well and thus give the moths no chance.

Food safety is on the agenda not only at home but also in companies. ISO 22000:2018 was published for this purpose. Its primary objective is to ensure the safety of food and to anchor this safety broadly in the company with the help of a process-oriented management system. During the certification audit, TÜV AUSTRIA checks whether you comply with the requirements of the standard and whether your company actually lives up to them in practice. Just ask us!

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